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  Swashdrive - G7 Invented & developed by Craig Wyeth, Australia  WHO IS USING THE SWASHDRIVE

make the
G7 Special

Mimics spring action.
G7 Now with "Give" capability.
Both clips included in price.

Black Polyamide $443.00 Characteristics of the Generation 7 Swashdrive:
#4A423 Polyamide G7, Binding Posts for Clip Cord
#4A425 Polyamide G7 with RCA JACK

How to Change the Clips

Order cords separately.

Price does not include cords, tubes or needles.


  • Powerful neodymium magnets

  • Mechanical commutation (graphite or precious metal brushes)

  • Excellent volume/performance ratio

  • Highest efficiency

  • Low inductance

  • No magnetic cogging

  • High acceleration from low mass inertia

  • Low electromagnetic interference

  • Linear characteristics

  • High reliability

See and Order the Newest Swashdrives.

SwashdriveTM G7
Polyamide Machine Head Only
Includes clips, Oust Oil and wrenches
Binding Posts #4A423
RCA Jack #4A425


Swashdrive G7 Kits
Includes: Gen 7 Polyamide Swashdrive,
World Class Instek Power Supply,
Combo Foot Switch Clip Cord or RCA Plug
Tools, Oil,
Hard and Soft Clip Inlcluded Free

Clip Cord Kit #4A424,
RCA Jack Kit #4A426

Buy the Kit and Save  

Oil no longer included.
Do not oil.

RoHS Compliant
Voltage: 1.0 ~ 12 Volts
Amps: 0.08 ~ 0.35 Amps

  • Speed: Cycles Per Second
  • at 6.0 Volts - 50 CPS
  • at 9.0 Volts - 100 CPS
  • at 12  Volts  - 150 CPS

Motor: 4.5 Watt
Custom Design
Swiss Maxon Motor

With a Clean Power Supply
the motor has a life expectancy
of approx. 20,000 hours.
The following information is reproduced from

Power supplies

The Gen 7 Swashdrive will run on almost any power supply, but we strongly recommend the use of a quality bridge rectified Dual lab Instek, for the clean DC. Cheap single knob supplies with heaps of ripple & noise will reduce motor life somewhat.

Tested & Endorsed power supplies for this machine.
Genuine GW Instek lab
Isotech lab (Model IPS303DD,
RS Components part # 3256004)

The power supply should have no more than
Ripple & Noise  ≥1.0mVrms ( 5Hz~1MHz ) (rating current <3A )
Tested and endorsed:

Genuine GW Instek,  Isotech Lab

Set Power Supply  before  starting Swash Gen VI:

This is important on START-UP to deliver full amps
and then settle to what the machine draws at desired voltage.

  1. SET at ZERO Volts
  3. Hit foot pedal and use Voltage knob to increase speed.


The Swashplate

The swashplate mechanism that drives the needle action is a very efficient means to convert the rotational motion of the electric motor to the reciprocating motion of the needle producing an approximate advantage of 15:1.

The swashplate delivers a sine wave motion - constant needle velocity -  throughout the cycle producing a smooth non-stopping continuous motion  as compared to the stop and start of conventional crank, cam (2-dimension) and coils. Only the swashplate can make use of all 3-dimension axes to create the natural fluid cyclic reciprocating action that produces a constant "brush-like" artistry feel experienced by fine art painting.

A small precision bearing has been added in the anvil area to remove the "rock-over" that was so hard on grommets and nipples. The Anvil area is now part of the C shape pivot clip.
Included are 4 replacement "C-Clips" with every machine.


Looking down at the Swash from above:
The motor will run in either direction
by Craig Wyeth says it likes CLOCKWISE direction.

RCA type connector wiring:
Positive (+) (Red wire) connected to center terminal
Negative (-) (Black wire) connected to outer shield

Binding Posts for Spring type CLIP CORD
connector wiring:

Positive (+) (Red wire) connected to Top Post
Negative (-) (Black wire) connected to Bottom Post
If your Gen 6 is not running switch the clip cord around.



The Swashdrive Tattoo machine has a Six month warranty from date of purchase. To which Swashdrive Developments will repair any manufacturing fault of the machine free of charge. However disassembly of electric motor from the main machine frame, or excess voltage from single knob power supplies wrecking electric motor will invalidate warranty. Proof of date of purchase must be provided for a warranty claim.


Swashdrive Developments warrantees the manufacturing quality of the Swashdrive Tattoo machine. But under no circumstances is Swashdrive Developments in any way liable for any injury, infection or quality of any tattoo or of any person that Swashdrive Tattoo machine is used on. That is the sole responsibility & liability of the Artist / Owner of this Swashdrive Tattoo machine.

We apologize to tattoo people looking for detailed info on the Swashdrive. We had to remove a lot of content from because PARASITE SUPPLIERS were using the Tech Help info to clone a
GOLD COLOR  KNOCKOFF of our hard earned invention. Don't be fooled.

The Swashdrive is a high tech device with quality components! 

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