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It is your responsibility to contact your health department
and follow their recommendations in all matters pertaining
to the protection of the health of the community.
Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization  Defined and how they differ.
Object of surgical hand disinfection.
Tattoo Healing Explained
Comments on Various Subjects
Dry or Steam?  Which to Choose.
Editorial on regulations by Wes Wood
Zeke Owens addresses the question: 
"This machine hurts more than that one."


You and your client can contract life-threatening disease or suffer personal injury if proper procedures are not practiced.  Applying local health department procedures recommended for Home Health Care Workers would be a good start to assure a safe process.

We have provided some timely views pertaining to health related matters for tattoo and piercing as we understand it today. Tomorrow new information and ideas will undoubtedly alter and correct some information we now believe to be true.  We must be willing to adjust our thinking and practices according to the newest established data.

It is your responsibility to contact your health department and follow their recommendations in all matters pertaining to the protection of the health of the community.

Unimax does not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on this site or elsewhere provided by Unimax.

Information provided here might be inaccurate, misleading or incorrect and is meant as a suggestion for further study and consideration only.  Any and all information is not sanctioned nor represented as having any authority whatsoever, is not to be cited as authoritative and is not a substitute for Health Department regulations.  Information is provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind. The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy or use of any information on this site. 

 by Tens of Thousands of Tattoo Artists
Who have been Using MILLIONS of
 Unimax Needles, tubes, machines and supplies.
 "Safe & Effective Use" is the Proof.

No amount of grandstanding can dispute that priciple.

There is an interesting quote that I quoted in
my refutation of the "Toxic Tattoo Ink Report"
(see bottom).
"Commercial -SCALE "
Manufacturing since 1989.
Producing the FIRST commercially available
tights, magnums, bug pins, stacks, arrays,
sterile needles, textured needles, and etc etc etc.
Created the first sterilization pouch
specifically for tattoo needles and tubes.
The First disposable forceps and clips.
The first Full Palette of color inks (50).
The first Grey Wash Sets of ink.

The first Cross Contamination Classes.
The first sterile needles and tubes.
The first commercial dermal anchors,
odd gauge needles, threaded needles,
sterile jewelry.

Created an intellectual defense of the
rights of Tattoo and Piercing artists and businesses.

Went live with Unimax Supply in 1989.
Sacred Tattoo in NYC in 1990.
Unimax West in Arlington, Texas in 2010

Worked with Clayton Patterson and the entire cadre
of New York Tattooists to save NYC artists from
a take-over attempt through legalization in 1996-1997.
Asked by Steve Bonge and Butch Garcia to participate
in creating the First 1998 NYC Tattoo Convention.

Created the high quality and successful
"Inked" magazine with landlord, William Fong.

Learned Piercing at the Gauntlet in NYC.

Helped and encouraged by hundreds of
tattooists and piercers just like you.
Permanent Cosmetics training from Elizabeth Finch.

30 year interest in Pacific Tattooing by
Tricia Allen and Lars Krutak.

Rated #31 for contributions to tattoo by Bob Baxter.

Helped thousands become tattooists and piercers
and learned Tattoo from thousands (just like you).
Real two-way sharing the Tattoo experience.
All of us learning in an open free environment.
And a good friend to Tattoo-ism.

Since  1989


COMMERCIAL production
Deep knowledge of modern tattoo & piercing.
Called on by thousands for answers to questions.

Day after day
Week after week,
Year after year,
after Decade
after Decade.

Quoted in Where's the Evidence
Drummond Rennie,
editor of the
Journal of the
American Medical Association.

“There seems to be
no study too fragmented,
no hypothesis too trivial,
no literature citation too biased,
or too egotistical,
no design too warped,
no methodology too bungled,
no presentation of results too inaccurate,
and too contradictory,
no analysis too self-serving,
no argument too circular,
no conclusion too trifling,
or too unjustified and
no grammar and syntax too offensive
for a paper to end up in print." p27

Something to think about as you seek help.

CDC - MMWR Methicillin-Resistant Tattoo Licensed Unlicensed