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The Most  Technologically  Advanced Tattoo Machines
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The New
Robust Apollos

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Rotary Machine

 Miniature Machine

Swiss Machine
# 4A-401

Heavy Industry

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Cheyenne, Germany


Diau An, Taiwan

Art Driver, New 2016, Spain


Pullman Swiss Tattoo Machine

Unimax, U.S.A.



Unimax Invention - Front Mount $ 75.00

Heavy Industry $


Strongest Machines In The World

4-Oz Alum -- 9-Oz Brass -- 6-Oz Alum

12 Designs All

Some Pirate rip-offs 

Cheyenne, Germany

RayWebb, U.S.A.

NeoTat and Vivace

Now in 1.8, 2.5 and 3.5 mm stroke.

Unimax, U.S.A.
Actual Relative Size
Actual Working
Tattoo Machine

Chrome Imports  44 styles  $29.95/Ea

FTW Brass Machines
Chrome Rotary


Strongest Machines In The World

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Machines

Limited Swashdrive Avalabilty.
No longer in production.

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